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The SAMA Organisation is the largest, most successful and widely recognised private members martial arts group in the UK. It was established in Sussex in 1978 by our Chief Instructor Hanshi A. Gibson 9th Dan Black Belt who shares his 50+ years of martial arts experience with fellow instructors and students.

Through controlled, organic growth SAMA has expanded to all over Sussex and into Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset, Kent, Wiltshire and Berkshire. SAMA is the largest independent group in the UK under a single chief instructor with more than 10,000 members training in more than 500 locations. For more on SAMA's history visit www.samaorganisation.co.uk

SAMA's philosophy to training is that all classes and gradings are Pay-As-You-Go giving the student the flexibility to fit their training around their busy lifestyles and not be penalised for illness, injury, family or work commitments.

SAMA West Sussex offers three distinct martial arts disciplines for the modern martial artist to experience and caters for all age ranges with Karate, American Kickboxing and Tai Chi Chaun Kung Fu.


Traditional Japanese Martial Art requiring discipline in mind and body. For ages 4 and over. SAMA specialises in teaching before-school and after-school classes. Weekend and evening classes are available for both children and adults...more

American Kickboxing Academy

A great way to improve fitness, lose weight, tone up and burn calories. Our American Kickboxing Academy is for adults and youths from 11 years up and is all taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with energising music. Learn the skills of boxing with additional kicks through a progressive colour belt system similar to that of karate. Includes stamina training exercises and tummy toning - popular with mums and dads. Evening classes only...more

SAMA Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu (Fighting Tai Chi)

The ancient art of Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu develops both the physical and mental fitness and strength of its students. The gentle and slow, flowing Tai Chi form relaxes the mind helping to relieve stress introducing a sense of calmness, well-being and self-worth. The proven self-defence technique of the form turns the strength of an attack against itself and helps to improve confidence, self-control and self-awareness...more