SAMA West Sussex is divided into districts. Each district is run by a head-instructor, typically a 4th Dan (Yondan) or 3rd Dan (Sensei) Black Belt with decades of martial arts experience. The higher the Dan grade the more experienced the instructor is.


SAMA Black Belt instructors have been trained by SAMA and most are full-time professionals; they do not have other jobs. Each must have completed the whole syllabus for their martial art and passed a gruelling 2 hour Black Belt grading. Instructors must have assisted the teaching of classes with a senior instructor for several years and have proven their aptitude as an Instructor before being awarded the Red Instructor Badge which can be found on their Gi.

There are no shortcuts to achieving a Black Belt and becoming an instructor with the process typically taking more than 5 years to complete. SAMA does not operate as a franchise offering ready-made Black Belt Instructors.

Child Safe

All SAMA instructors follow the Child and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding and Protection Policy guidelines issued by our governing body F.E.K.O., are Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB/DBS) Level 3 checked and have received formal First Aid training.

Instructors are protected by 10m Public Liability Insurance and 2m Professional Indemnity Insurance. Students are protected with Personal Insurance Cover through our governing body F.E.K.O.

SAMA works to provide a child safe environment through continual Risk Assessment. Junior students are frequently reminded of our 'Karate in proper places' rule.

Parents and Teachers

SAMA teaches in Leisure Centres, Community Centres, Scout Huts and village halls and runs hundreds of classes for kids in schools; a SAMA Karate class is never too far away.

SAMA is unique in that it works safely in over 500 schools working in partnership with head teachers and their staff to promote confidence and positive attitudes to children about Karate and their general learning. We are frequently praised on the positive impact that Karate has on a child's confidence and self-esteem, and how this is often reflected in their school work, participation and attitude at school.